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The right tool for every problem. On show are solutions for manufacturing, bottling, packaging and marketing—including raw materials and logistics.

Find here an overview of the products and solutions at drink technology India:


Fully functional filling machine at drink technology India
Messe München GmbH

Aseptic systems

Aseptic systems are the trend in the production and bottling of beverages and food. Because it guarantees long shelf-life and high freshness. In warmer climates in particular, aseptic systems are preferred. drink technology India showed the latest developments in this area.

Packaging materials and labeling

In beverages, too, packaging is all-important. The more it fits in with the brand and the more it appeals to the target groups, the higher the sales figures. The right mix of creative ideas, practicality and precision production and labeling is the key to successful contemporary packaging. All the innovations, new ideas and technologies were showcased at drink technology India.

Bottle packaging at drink technology
India Messe München GmbH

Innovative shaped bottles at drink technology India Messe München GmbH

PET technology

Worldwide PET is the preferred form of packaging, in particular for soft drinks. Energy- and resource-efficiency is therefore an important topic in the manufacture of PET containers. All the new developments in PET were presented at dti 2016.

Filling and packaging technology

Flexibility, product safety, sustainability and ease of operation—these are the demands placed on filling and packaging plant nowadays. Not forgetting of course profitability. More and more product must be filled faster and faster, all in line with ever more rigorous standards of cleanliness. A clear trend is towards aseptic processes, as this guarantees long shelf life and freshness, even in warmer climates.

Bottle processing line at drink technology India Messe München GmbH

Machine control center at drink
technologiy India Messe Muenchen
India Pvt. Ltd.

Process technology, process automation and IT solutions

Modern control systems manage, monitor and visualize all stages of production. More and more companies are moving over to digital systems. This facilitates planning and commercial functions and compliance with legal requirements, such as batch-tracking.

Logistics and transport equipment

The complete process chain of the beverage and liquid food industry includes also the logistics and transportation equipment. This is the only way to guarantee, that the consumer receives the products on time and in good quality. The latest developments in the transport and logistics industry for India were presented at dti 2016.

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Raw materials and ingredients Messe München GmbH

Raw materials and ingredients

A finished product is only ever as good as the ingredients that went into it. The product range at drink technology India covers a very wide, high-quality range of raw materials and ingredients.


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